Useful Link: News

  • BBC
    Comprehensive news from around the world from one of the most respected broadcasting companies. Has links to BBC World Service news programs and documentaries.
  • CNN
    One of the premier news sites, with an emphasis on news from the United States.
  • Fox News
    Breaking news from "the most powerful name in news."
  • Google News
    News from newpapers, radio and television stations and wire services. Keyword searching is available. Also includes links to news in foreign languages on the bottom of the page.
    The source tthat provides "a fuller spectrum of the news."
  • New York Times
    As their motto says, "All the news that's fit to print." Some features require free registration.
  • Newsday
    Long Island's own newspaper.
  • WCBS Newsradio 88
    News from the New York metropolitan area. Also listen to the station online.
  • Yahoo! United States Newspapers
    Yahoo's directory of newspapers in the United States.
  • Yahoo! World Newspapers
    Yahoo's directory of international newspapers.