Useful Link: Social Science

  • American Journeys
    Full-text primary documents from eyewitnesses to the exploration and settlement of North America
  • American Memory Historical Collections
    Provides free access to historical images, maps, sound recordings, and motion pictures that document the American experience from the Library of Congress.
  • American Women's History: A Research Guide
    This site provides citations to both print and electronic resources relating to the history of American women and a timeline.
  • Andanzas al Web Latino
    Links to many Latino-focused organizations, issues, and more.
  • BabyNamer
    For parents-to-be who want to confidently choose potential names for their baby, Babynamer is the most comprehensive, trusted website.
  • BBC Ancient History
    BBC Ancient History is a collection of articles, links and multimedia on ancient civilizations as well as timelines and short biographies of historic figures.
  • BBC Story of Africa
    Produced by the BBC World Service, this is a collection of articles about the history of Africa, organized into 14 featured topics with their own indexes, illustrations and sound recordings.
  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
    Official website of the United States Federal Reserve. Provides information, news, monetary policy, banking information, economic research, consumer information, reporting forms, and more.
  • BuddahNet
    Provides resources for practicing Buddhists and those interested in the religion.
  • Buddhism: Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library
    Extensive collection of simply organized Zen Buddhist resources which include news and journals, schools, sutras, koan study games, names, and a calendar.
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics
    Statistics on federal crime trends, trends in felony convictions in State courts, corrections trends, expenditure trends, and civil justice trends provided by the United States Department of Justice. Offers access to the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.
  • Center for Responsive Politics (
    The purpose of this non-partisan, non-profit research group is to track money in politics. The website allows you to look up political contributions by industry, politician's name, state, zip code, and other options.
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway
    Provides access to information to help protect children and strengthen families with topics ranging from prevention to permanency, including child welfare, child abuse and neglect, foster care, and adoption.
    The official website of the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics. The site provides easy access to the forum's annual statistics.
  • Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
    Official website of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Features history, news and events, college of bishops, educational resources, Episcopal districts and list of churches.
  • Christianity: African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Official website of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Features history, news and events, world outreach, and church structure.
  • Christianity: American Baptist Church
    Official website of the American Baptist Church. Features history, mission statement, searchable church finder, church leadership, and church life including ministries, education and resources.
  • Christianity: Anglican Community Official Website
    Site describes the Anglican Community mission statement, evangelization, ethics and technology, liturgy, ecumenical affairs, International Women's Network, Anglican Center in Rome and Anglican Community News Service.
  • Christianity: Early Church Fathers
    Offers early Christian literature, documents, and commentaries.
  • Christianity: Episcopal Church
    Official Episcopal Church website. Features news & events, searchable church finder, groups & organizations, book resource center, church center, life and work of the church which includes active ministries.
  • Christianity: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    Official website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Features spiritual center, news and events, church wide units, leaders, and resources for further information of ministries and spiritual growth.
  • Christianity: Presbyterian Church
    This is the official website of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. Features a searchable list of congregations, news & events, ministry, vocations, resources and publications for further information.
  • Christianity: The Holy See
    The Vatican homepage in six languages is the official Catholic website for information, doctrine, library and museum, early church father documents, Saints, news and latest events in the world. Features a search engine to access different areas of this website.
  • Christianity: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Official Catholic Church website in the United States. Features news and events, daily Mass scripture readings, searchable online Bible and catechism, movies, listing of bishops and dioceses, church documents, church life & ministries, evangelization & outreach, family & laity issues.
  • CIA World Factbook
    Geographic and national information for every country in the world supplied by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
  • CNN
    Politics at CNN has news, opinion and analysis of American and global politics. Find news and video about the elections, Iraq, North Korea, the White House, the U.N and more.
  • Code of the Town of Islip, New York
    A searchable version of the Town Code of Islip, NY. (Suffolk County).
  • Columbia Gazetteer of the World
    Provides 170,000 articles or entries on all types of places throughout the world; both physical places and political entities.
  • Constitute Project
    This database offers constitutions, charters, amendments, and more from nations around the world. Provided by the University of Richmond.
  • Corrections Connection Network
    Comprehensive news site dealing with prison and parole issues, including jobs available across the country.
    For information on reporting Computer, Internet-Related, or Intellectual Property Crime from the United States Department of Justice
  • Divorce Support
    The Divorce Support website provides divorce information on family law topics such as; divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and property division.
  • eHistory
    Over 120,000 pages of Official Records, soldier's letters, memoirs, books, original articles and informative databases, Reviews, Primary Sources.
  • Election Guide by Country
    A collection of links to election results from around the world.
  • Ethics Center
    Provide resources and updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics. For both instructors and students.
  • FindLaw
    Find a local lawyer and free legal information at FindLaw. Features a link for legal professionals to research the law and find case, codes, and articles for Federal, International or State law (including New York).
  • Foreign Relations of the United States
    A United States Department of State website featuring a permanent electronic archive of foreign relations information.
  • Google Maps
    Explore the Earth with interactive maps, directions and traffic, satellite and aerial images, bird's eye view, 3D maps and 3D cities.
  • Hinduism: Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism
    Offers information on aspects of Hindu philosophy, culture, religion and history.
  • Hot Docs: Government Documents in the News
    Columbia University Libraries offers a collection of historical documents to be used in current events research.
  • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
    An index of several thousand organized links to Native American and related websites, for both academic research and personal uses.
  • Institute for International Economics
    Up-to-date, non-ideological, in-depth analysis of trends in international economic policy. Also provides a broad range of academic and popular sites featuring economic news and research.
  • Intercountry Adoption
    Official website with information on the process of adopting a child from another country. The Office of Children's Issues is an agency of the United States Department of State.
  • Islam: BBC Profile
    This site offers a guide to Islam, its belief system and history, practices, holy days, as well as readings from The Qur'an.
  • IslamicFinder
    Large subject-organized collection of online Islamic resources that include education, the Quran, art, computers, calendar, articles and photos.
  • Judaism and Jewish Resources
    A gateway to the extensive online Jewish resources on the Internet, including libraries, arts organizations, chat, travel, services and news.
  • Judaism: Project Genesis
    Provides and promotes basic to advanced Jewish education through historical texts which include the Torah and the Talmud. Offers online e-mail classes for all levels. Philosophical and legal issues are also presented and discussed. Covers all aspects of Jewish history and Jewish life.
  • Laws of Suffolk County, New York
    A searchable version of the Laws of Suffolk County.
  • Legal Information Institute
    LII is a research and electronic publishing activity of the Cornell Law School. Popular collections include: the U.S. Code, Supreme Court opinions, federal, state, and world law.
  • Library of Congress Guide to Law Online
    The Guide to Law Online is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.
  • Long Island Frequencies & Scanning Information
    Provides a listing of public service frequencies in Suffolk and Nassau counties, including the police, emergency, transportation, and more.
    Find a lawyer or attorney in a searchable Law Locator directory.
  • Matrimonial Matters
    Free instruction booklets and forms for people starting a divorce supplied by the New York State Unified Court System.
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    Official site for current information on Missing and Exploited Children, search for missing children, view wanted posters, submit child "sightings" and more.
  • National Center for Victims of Crime
    The nation's leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims. They have worked with thousands of grassroots organizations and criminal justice agencies across the country serving millions of crime victims.
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service Justice Information Center
    NCJRS is a federally funded resource offering justice, substance abuse, and victim assistance information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. Administered by the United States Department of Justice.
  • National Geographic
    Provides free maps, photos, videos and daily news stories, as well as articles and features about animals, the environment, cultures, history, world music and travel.
  • National Register of Historic Places
    Features a searchable database of properties listed on the National Register, educational and informational resources on American history and historic locations.
  • National Security Archive
    An independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University. The Archive collects and publishes declassified documents.
  • New York City History
    The New York City History Guide from Columbia University Libraries has links to archives, libraries, museums, and historical societies. Also available are resources that provide full-text magazines and ephemera that originated in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.
  • New York Codes, Rules and Regulation
    The complete NYCRR available online.
  • New York State Adoption Service
    Official site of the NYSAS which provides information on the adoption process, approved adoption agencies, and galleries of adoptable children.
  • New York State Bar Association
    Public legal resources provided by the NTSBA.
  • New York State Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records
    NYS information for ordering copies of vital records, getting married in New York State, and the Adoption Information Registry.
  • New York State Building Codes
    A free link to NY State Building Codes.
  • New York State Data Resources
    Data resources on economic development, education, energy, health, and budgets for the state of New York. Part of the United States open data project.
  • New York State Department of Correctional Services Inmate Information
    A searchable database of everyone sentenced to New York State prison since the early 1970's, except youthful offenders and those who have had their convictions set aside by a court.
  • New York State Division of Administrative Rules
    The Division of Administrative Rules provides a variety of print and web publication services in support of the rule making process and Department of State publications.
  • New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
    Enhances public safety with community resources and law enforcement information, such as the NYS Sex Offender Registry and county crime statistics.
  • New York State Legislature
    Search Legislative Session Information for Year, NYS Legislative Bills, NYS Legislative Resolutions, and Laws of New York.
  • New York State Office for New Americans
    The Office for New Americans assists newcomers to New York State who are eager to contribute to our economy and become part of the family of New York State.
  • New York State Unified Court System
    Official site of the NYS Courts with information about the courts, litigants, attorneys, jurors, judges, and more.
  • On This Day
    The New York Times provides daily listing of political, sports, musical, and other historical events and milestones.
  • Online Texts and Documents Related to Jewish History
    Extensive list of links to full text documents relating to Jewish history, from Biblical times to the modern era. Includes historical maps and atlases. Compiled by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Parents Magazine
    Online version of the monthly Parents Magazine. It provides practical advice from leading doctors and child experts, reviews of toys and games, and tips for handling parenthood.
  • Political Resources on the Net
    Index of political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world.
  • Politics1
    The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Politics & news from around the nation.
  • SeeThroughNY
    This non-government site, sponsored by the Empire Center for New York State Policy, allows taxpayers to search government payrolls and contracts.
  • Sikhism Homepage
    Offers complete information on Sikhism including an introduction to Sikhism, origin and development, philosophy, scriptures, additional resources which include: downloadable audio files of daily Sikh prayers, a glossary, Gurmukhi, Sikh names and the Sikh calendar.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Maintained and published by Stanford University's Metaphysical Research Lab, this website has detailed and well indexed articles about philosophers, movements, and ideas.
  • Suffolk County Police Department
    The official site of the SCPD. Provides department information and up-to-date press releases.
  • Supreme Court Collections
    Complete collection of US Supreme Court decisions from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School.
  • The Avalon Project
    Yale Law School provides an impressive collection of documents in law, history, and diplomacy through the ages. Excellent resource for primary sources.
  • The Federal Judiciary
    The official site of the US Courts which include links to the Supreme Court of the United States and Court link to search for local courts by ZIP code.
  • The Office of Child Support Enforcement
    Official site the US Department of Health and Human Services that provides information on obtaining support, including financial and medical, for children through locating parents.
    Provides access to legislative information, the congressional record, and more from the Library of Congress.
  • Trip Calculator
    Find estimated travel distances, gas mileage calculations and estimated travel times for your road trip follow these instructions.
  • U.S. Census Bureau - Economic Indicators
    A database of economic statistics provided by the United States Census Bureau. Provides county business patterns, international trade data, and more.
  • United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Official website of the BLS. Provides labor statistics, national economic data, economic new releases, and more. Provides access to the New York-New Jersey regional office. BLS is an agency of the United States Department of Labor.
  • United States Department of Commerce
    Official website of the DOC. Provides information concerned with the economic growth of the United States. Provides access to the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • United States Economy at a Glance
    Up-to-date monthly US economic information including the employment rate.
  • United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Official website of the FBI. Provides bureau information, web resources, news, local contact information, uniform crime statistics, and the Most Wanted lists. FBI is an agency of the United States Department of Justice.
  • United States Federal Bureau of Prisons - Inmate Locator
    A searchable database of Federal inmates incarcerated from 1982 to present. FBP is an agency of the United States Department of Justice.
  • Virtual New York (New York City History Resources on the Web)
    Virtual New York is a website devoted to the history of New York City and its people. Learn about New York's history through its architecture and the forgotten parts of the city. This online archive is part of the Old York Library collection, which is now housed at the City University of New York, Graduate Center.
  • Virtual Religion Index
    Large link collection from Rutgers University, categorized by religion. Also includes resources for ancient religions, archaeology, philosophy, sociology of religion, and psychology of religion.
  • WashLaw
    Federal, State, Foreign, and International law provided by the Washburn University School of Law.