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BuildingThe Connetquot Public Library was founded in 1974. The library district covers an area of 21.1 square miles, including the hamlets of Ronkonkoma, Bohemia and Oakdale, Long Island, New York, and serves a population of approximately 40,000 people. The library is a community center for the research needs and development of its district residents.


The word "Connetquot" is an Algonquian Indian word meaning "at the long river." It refers to the Connetquot River, which is located west of the library district.

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Library History


Through the years your library has grown from a one-room building into a spacious community center. Patrons can be proud of the staff and trustees who have worked hard for over 35 years to create and maintain a wonderful modern library resource center.

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Mission Statement

The Connetquot Public Library strives to impart a lifelong love of learning to all Connetquot School District residents of any age. The library will provide access to educational, professional and recreational materials in a variety of formats along with cultural and intellectual programming for those young and old alike. These services will be achieved within an inviting, organized and accessible environment for all.