Large Format Printing

Learning Commons Makerspace is now equipped with a professional large format printer.  All file submissions must be in a common image or design software format.  Files will be printed as submitted (we will not alter or convert files). For best print results, the file should be high resolution at 300dpi.

If you need help submitting a design, please email or call us at 631-567-5079. Click on the button below to submit your design and request.

Submit a Project

24″ Matte paper $3.00/ft
24″ Glossy photo paper $3.00/ft
24″ Vinyl $5.00/ft
42″ Matte paper $5.00/ft
42″ Glossy photo paper $5.00/ft

Poster printing fees are calcuated on linear foot in height. For example, a 24” x 36” poster would be $9.