Book Club in a Bag

Book Club in a Bag

A group of friends, a great book, and a free-flowing discussion are all you need for a fun book club. Now your library can help you experience this with our new Book Club in a Bag program. We’ll supply you with the books and questions for 10 members and even give you ideas on how to start a great discussion group. All you need to supply are the friends and a place to meet.

One person from your group will check out the bag which contains 10 copies of the book and discussion questions. The bag is checked out for six weeks and the person checking it out is responsible for all the contents. Stop by the reference desk with any questions or to find a Book Club in a Bag for your group.

How the Program Works

  • Requests for Book Club in a Bag kits are made at the adult reference desk.
  • Each bag contains 10 copies of a title and a sheet of discussion questions (when not in the back of the book).
  • The person picking up the bag will check it out on his or her card and be responsible for the bag and all of the books. (The sheet of questions does not need to be returned.)
  • The Book Club in a Bag kits are checked out for 6 weeks. You may want to hold your book discussion well before the 6 weeks is up so that you have time to gather the books from all who received copies.
  • Up to two bags may be checked out at one time. (This is to accommodate groups which would like to distribute the next book and collect the last book at the same meeting. You would pick up the newest bag close to your meeting date.)
  • Before returning the bag, check to make sure all the books are inside as the bag must be returned with all 10 books. (The bag is checked out as one item and therefore cannot be returned with missing books unless you pay for them.) The replacement cost of individual books will vary according to title but will be approximately $12.00/book. A lost nylon bag will cost $5.00. The replacement cost of an entire bag and its contents is $125.00.

Tips for Running a Book Discussion Group



  • A Year of Reading: a Month-by-Month Guide to Classics and Crowd-Pleasers for You or Your Book Group
    by Elisabeth Ellington & Jane Freimiller (011.73 Ellington)