Memory Lane



People Around Town: The Robinsons

Sandra and Sherman Robinson have been Oakdale residents since January 1975. Here they discuss various activities that have taken place at Byron Lake Park, local horse chestnut trees, the Oakdale Beautification Committee and why they chose to live in Oakdale, including Byron Lake Park activities, the Peperidge Estate, Idle Hour and Fishing in Brick Kiln Hill.


Sandra and Sherman Robinson travel extensively by air, boat and car. They have made many new friends and kept in touch with old ones through their willingness to go just about anywhere. Here they talk about some of their travels and share a little about the people they encounter in the off-the-beaten-path places they prefer to visit. They also let us know why they love the Connetquot Library and share a story about another great library they visited in Newfoundland.




The Robinsons Byron Lake Park Interview

The Robinsons Traveling Interview