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People Around Town: Ed Surbeck

Ed Surbeck moved to Bohemia about 17 years ago. A longtime car lover, he built his dream garage on his property shortly after. We visited him in his garage on a cold winter day and enjoyed a rambling conversation about cars. We talked about Ed’s first muscle car, some of the favorite cars he’s owned and some cars that he’s still dreaming about owning. He told us about the many speed shops and their owners that used to be in the area, about the Islip Drag Strip at the legendary Islip Speedway, and how that disappeared. Ed discussed some car projects he’s worked on and one he is currently undertaking. He also talked about Bohemia and the Connetquot area and why it’s a good place for a car lover to live.

Below are references to some of what was discussed in Ed’s garage.

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Ed Surbeck Interview