Memory Lane



Czechoslovak Society of America Hall

Chatting with Judy Pedneault, we learned that the Bohemia Historical Society was founded in 1984, and it was Rose Emer who suggested organizing it. Rose, a resident since 1925, is also noted for teaching dance, specifically the Beseda, a national Czech folkdance.

Judy also spoke to us about the C.S.A. (Czechoslovak Society of America) Hall on Smithtown Avenue. This was a cultural and social hub for the community, where families would gather for such social events as dancing, bingo, bazaars, and concerts. Through Judy’s memories, we could visualize what an evening at the C.S.A. would have been like — a scene where adults may have been listening to lively music and conversation, while their children, napped on benches. We encourage you to listen to Judy’s stories of a time when Bohemia, New York, somewhat resembled Mayberry, U.S.A, but with a distinct accent from its Czech heritage.

Judy Pedneaul Interview