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La Salle Military Academy

“No one is born a leader. Leadership is the product of preparation, challenge and responsibility. “*

The La Salle Military Academy was established in 1883 at Clason Point (Bronx), New York, by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (commonly called the Christian Brothers), a Roman Catholic order founded by St. John Baptist de la Salle. In 1926 the Christian Brothers acquired the Oakdale estate of Frederick G. Bourne and relocated the growing academy to Oakdale. The school was strictly a male Catholic military academy until 1993, when it offered a nonmilitary option as well as kindergarten through eighth grade. In 1995, females were admitted to the school. The school changed its name to LaSalle Center in 1999, but with a continually dwindling enrollment, the school closed just a few years later. The last graduating class was in 2001. Recently we interviewed Anthony DeSimone, who spoke to us about what his daily life was like as a La Salle Military Academy student in the 1970s.

* The above quote is from an early 1990s promotional brochure for La Salle Military Academy.

Anthony DeSimone Interview