Summer Reading Online with Beanstack

Beanstack is an easy-to-use online tool which allows readers of all ages can register in seconds as individuals, a family, or classroom. Beanstack makes it easy for you to earn virtual badges and real-world prizes by keeping track of your reading. Want to keep track of your reading on-the go? Download the Beanstack Tracker app, which lets patrons time reading sessions, log books by scanning their ISBN numbers, keep a log of current and past reading, track daily reading stats, and achieve streaks for reading multiple days in a row. It's like Fitbit for reading!

How to Register

Method 1: Child/Teen Registers Themselves

Choose Register

Choose I am registering myself

Complete the online form and click Next

Method 2: Adult Registers a Child/Teen

Choose Register

Choose I am an adult registering a child

Complete the online form, including information about the adult and the child. Click Next

Adults can manage multiple childrens/teens and log there reading online or in the Beanstack Tracker app.


How to Log Your Reading

After signing in, you can begin to log your reading and manage your virtual badges:

Choose Log Reading

When asked What would you like to log?, choose Minutes

Enter date, number of minutes read, title/author of book and choose Log


Earning Badges/Redeeming Prizes

Keep track of the virtual badges you earn:

Choose Logging Badges.

Badges you have not earned yet will display in black & white.

Badges will turn to color after you earn them.

Click on the trophy icon for each badge for information on the prize.

You must stop into the library to redeem your badge for a prize.


How to Spend Raffle Tickets

Keep track of the virtual raffle tickets you earn:

Choose Ticket Drawings.

You will see how many available tickets you have to spend on a raffle.

Under the raffle you want, choose Add Tickets

As you continue to earn badges that have tickets attached to them, they can apply those tickets to any available ticket drawings.

If you do not want to assign tickets to a reward the moment they earn them, that is okay. You can add them at any time before the program ends

At the end of summer reading, you will be notified if you won.


Keep Track of Books

Keep track of the books you read:

Choose Program Log.

View list of books read.