Useful Link: Reference: Search Engines

    Originally known as Ask Jeeves. Search results give websites and also a list of related searches, which you can select from to narrow down your search. Also has advanced search capability, such as searching for exact phrases and types of domains, such as .com or .edu.
  • Google
    The results in Google are based on the number of pages linking to a particular page. The advanced search feature allows searching for phrases, types of domains, such as .com or .edu, and also by file type, such as pdf or doc. Google offers many other auxiliary services on its site, such as image files, maps and searches within books.
  • Metacrawler
    Searches several Internet search engines at once. Also offers advanced search options.
  • Yahoo
    Yahoo is one of the original Internet search engines. Its front page features not only their search engine, but also many of the services they offer as an Internet portal.