Useful Link: Arts & Humanities: Language & Linguistics

  • BBC Languages
    Italian, German, Greek and other popular languages can be learned from these online courses created by the British Broadcast Corporation. Video and audio components are available and fun extras like ski phrases, traveler's tales of weird words, and the chance to learn UK languages like Gaelic or Welsh make this a valuable language learning tool.
  • Ethnologue-Languages of the World
    All 6,912 known languages of the world are catalogued in this online version of the encyclopedic reference work published by SIL. Searchable by map, language families, or name, each language is briefly described with titles for further study supplied.
  • International Dialects of English Archive
    Created by Univ. of Kansas professor Paul Meier, an author and leading dialect coach for theatre and film, IDEA is a free, online source of recordings for the performing arts. Recordings are in English and consist of a standard reading in both English language dialects and English spoken in the accents of other languages.
  • Omniglot
    Omniglot is a guide to the writing systems and languages of the world. You will find language-related articles, alphabets and other writing systems, useful foreign phrases, a multilingual bookstore, tips on learning languages, and areas to converse about language in a blog or forum.