Useful Link: Social Science: World Religions

  • BuddahNet
    Provides resources for practicing Buddhists and those interested in the religion.
  • Buddhism: Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library
    Extensive collection of simply organized Zen Buddhist resources which include news and journals, schools, sutras, koan study games, names, and a calendar.
  • Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
    Official website of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Features history, news and events, college of bishops, educational resources, Episcopal districts and list of churches.
  • Christianity: African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Official website of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Features history, news and events, world outreach, and church structure.
  • Christianity: American Baptist Church
    Official website of the American Baptist Church. Features history, mission statement, searchable church finder, church leadership, and church life including ministries, education and resources.
  • Christianity: Anglican Community Official Website
    Site describes the Anglican Community mission statement, evangelization, ethics and technology, liturgy, ecumenical affairs, International Women's Network, Anglican Center in Rome and Anglican Community News Service.
  • Christianity: Early Church Fathers
    Offers early Christian literature, documents, and commentaries.
  • Christianity: Episcopal Church
    Official Episcopal Church website. Features news & events, searchable church finder, groups & organizations, book resource center, church center, life and work of the church which includes active ministries.
  • Christianity: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    Official website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Features spiritual center, news and events, church wide units, leaders, and resources for further information of ministries and spiritual growth.
  • Christianity: Presbyterian Church
    This is the official website of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. Features a searchable list of congregations, news & events, ministry, vocations, resources and publications for further information.
  • Christianity: The Holy See
    The Vatican homepage in six languages is the official Catholic website for information, doctrine, library and museum, early church father documents, Saints, news and latest events in the world. Features a search engine to access different areas of this website.
  • Christianity: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Official Catholic Church website in the United States. Features news and events, daily Mass scripture readings, searchable online Bible and catechism, movies, listing of bishops and dioceses, church documents, church life & ministries, evangelization & outreach, family & laity issues.
  • Hinduism: Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism
    Offers information on aspects of Hindu philosophy, culture, religion and history.
  • Islam: BBC Profile
    This site offers a guide to Islam, its belief system and history, practices, holy days, as well as readings from The Quran.
  • IslamicFinder
    Large subject-organized collection of online Islamic resources that include education, the Quran, art, computers, calendar, articles and photos.
  • Judaism and Jewish Resources
    A gateway to the extensive online Jewish resources on the Internet, including libraries, arts organizations, chat, travel, services and news.
  • Judaism: Project Genesis
    Provides and promotes basic to advanced Jewish education through historical texts which include the Torah and the Talmud. Offers online e-mail classes for all levels. Philosophical and legal issues are also presented and discussed. Covers all aspects of Jewish history and Jewish life.
  • Sikhism Homepage
    Offers complete information on Sikhism including an introduction to Sikhism, origin and development, philosophy, scriptures, additional resources which include: downloadable audio files of daily Sikh prayers, a glossary, Gurmukhi, Sikh names and the Sikh calendar.
  • Virtual Religion Index
    Large link collection from Rutgers University, categorized by religion. Also includes resources for ancient religions, archaeology, philosophy, sociology of religion, and psychology of religion.