Useful Link: Community Information: Long Island History

  • Bohemia Historical Society
    Learn the history of the town of Bohemia and the origins of its people. The website also has an events schedule and information on how to become a member of the historical society.
  • Historic Long Island
    Historic Long Island is your ultimate resource for all your mansion and historical needs on Long Island. This website also includes an events calendar.
  • Local Native Americans
    A cultural history of both the Shinnecock and Montauk Indian Tribes. This website includes a painting and photograph exhibition and information on the Indian Pow Wow.
  • Metoac History
    The Metoac Indians were a collective grouping of the tribes on Long Island. This website provides the names, sub-nations, and villages that were included in the Metoac tribes. Also included is a short history and a brief description of their culture.