Useful Link: Education: ESOL

  • CCC Guide to Grammar and Writing
    For advanced English students, Capitol Community College offers this summary of parts of speech, grammar, punctuation, all aspects of written English, quizzes and puzzles. An in-depth study of this website will reinforce and strengthen all areas of written and spoken English.
  • Interesting Things for ESL Students
    Word games, puzzles, quizzes, jokes, exercises for all skill levels in spelling, reading, writing, slang, proverbs, and idioms. Adaptable for MP3 format and developed to be fun and entertaining.
  • NYS Office for New Americans
    This website makes it easy to search for an ESOL class in your neighborhood.
  • Skills: America English Sports & Games Idioms
    Free for sports enthusiasts who want to learn the English language in a fun sports context that sheds light on the business world.
  • Skills: Parts of Speech
    Purdue University offers grammar worksheets for specific parts of speech.
  • Skills: TV411
    Television series for adults who want to strengthen their literacy skills. Includes brief computer lessons in writing, vocabulary, math, reading, and an index to tv shows and times for reinforcement and visual learning.
  • Skills: USA Learns
    Pictorial guided English course for beginners and intermediate learners and an intermediate reading skills course, writing and listening exercises to do at your own pace.
  • United States Citizenship
    Everything there is to know regarding the U.S. Citizenship process begins here, from filing the I-9 Form to following your application through the process online.
  • Voices of America News
    Listen to news of the world in 45 languages.