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  • Dental Health Resources by MedlinePlus
    Information on basic oral care, preventative care, treatments and tests. Includes videos, clinical trials, statistics and research.
  • New York State Department of the Professions Professional Misconduct Enforcement Actions
    Search for disciplinary actions taken against licensees (including various medical professionals*) by the Board of Regents in New York State since January 1, 1994. Search by last name or date to get a description of misconduct. *This website does not include physicians, physician assistants, or specialist assistants, which is investigated and prosecuted by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC).
  • New York State Department of the Professions Verification Search
    This database allows you to verify license information for numerous professions, including doctors and dentists. Search by profession and last name or license number. You can also search for pharmacies by name.
  • The Ada Guide to Oral Health News and Resources
    The ADA website is a comprehensive oral health resource that reports new dental health news, provides a curriculum for educators with lesson plans and includes features for children. The website is also available in Spanish.